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Project - Coconut Development Board



LEDS is engaged in two capacity building programmes with Coconut Development Board of India.


1) CPS Leadership Training

The first programme involves imparting leadership and management training to the office bearers of Coconut Producer Societies (CPS).

The training module includes

• Management and Leadership sessions

      o Governance and leadership

      o Project Management

      o Administration

      o Sales and Marketing

      o Case studies of successful projects

• Exposure visits to successful collectives

• Interactive sessions with best-in-class practitioners

• Action planning sessions

Leadership sessions provide the office bearers inputs that hone their leadership skills, as well as energise and enable members towards setting and achieving common goals. Leadership sessions help CPS officials to set a clear and shared vision for the CPS and work together as a team.


2) Friends of Coconut Tree

The ‘Friends of Coconut Tree’ is a capacity building programme that LEDS is implementing in association with Coconut Development Board. The programme envisages to identify, train and handhold 500 underemployed youth in developing special skills and confidence in coconut palm climbing and plant protection activities for the benefit of the coconut community as a whole. LEDS is currently implementing the programme in Ernakulam district.


The context of the project has been the unavailability of Coconut Tree climbers in Kerala, with very few taking on the traditional profession. Coconut climbers are a very vital link in the production chain. The consistent supply of raw nuts for the market as well as for the processing sector can be ensured only by strict adherence to the regular harvesting schedule. 'The scarcity of labour disrupts harvesting cycles thus causing loss of income to the growers. Though the Coconut Development Board has trained unemployed youth in palm climbing, there is a reluctance to enter this field because of the occupational risk and the arduous labour involved in climbing tall coconut trees. In the recent past there has been an array of coconut palm climbing devices developed by individuals, Research Institutions, Universities and NGO’s , which are claimed to be safe and easy to operate. But in spite of all the efforts taken in the recent past, there is still an acute shortage of trained coconut palm climbers for harvesting and plant protection activities. The ‘Friends of Coconut Tree’ is designed to address this issue to a large extent.

The broad objectives of the programme are as below:

• To develop a professional group of youth under the banner of “Friends of Coconut Tree” for harvesting and plant protection operations in coconut

• To impart training to a group of unemployed youth in developing technical skills, entrepreneurship capacity, leadership qualities and communication skills to address the needs of the coconut growers.

• To make them self reliant and instill confidence in undertaking the responsibility of “Friends of Coconut Tree”.

• To tackle the problem of unavailability of coconut tree climbers for coconut farming and plant protection activities

• Generate appropriate technologies to support sustainable growth of coconut sector and generate employment opportunities for the youth


The training coverage includes Coconut climbing techniques, Coconut harvesting operations and crown cleaning aspects, Spraying and pest control operation, Pollination and hybridization techniques, plant protection measures, identification of tender nut, mature coconut and seed nut, developing leadership quality and communication skills, entrepreneurship development skills and thrift/ savings management.


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