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Service - Market Linkage for Small producer organisations

Market Linkage for Small producer organisations


"Market Linkage for Small producer organisations" Marketing is a specialized function for small producers and their collectives. Their core competency lies in farming, small production and allied activities; and marketing capability is more often than not a key area of weakness. Various studies indicate that the producer share of the consumer rupee ranges from 35-50%. In case of value added products, this share is even lower. When a disproportionate share of the value added goes to the trade channels, it is indicative of market failure. This results in small producers receiving low returns for their efforts and leading a life of low quality. Co-operatives and Producer Companies are models that are designed to protect the interest of the small producers and ensure fairness in trade. However, they do not often possess the resources and capability to compete and win at the market place. There exists a need for small producer collectives to put in place modern systems and processes as well as professional management for efficient operations. LEDS provides the following support services to small producer collectives in the marketing function.

1. Sales and Distribution Support:


• Designing go-to-market strategy

• Build network of dealers- Distributors, retailers, wholesalers, modern trade etc

• Identification and management of Carrying and Forwarding Agents (C&FA)

• Grounding and capacity building of Sales Force

• Establishing and operating sales related IT and MIS systems

• Establishing and Logistics and warehousing systems

• Establishing and operating Finance systems

• Developing and implementing Core Work Processes

• Monitoring and evaluation of systems and processes


2. Consumer and Market Knowledge Support

•Consumer Preference Knowledge

•Market demand estimation

• Concept testing

• Distribution channel audit

• Positioning research

• Sales forecasting

• Pricing strategy


3. Marketing support

• Design of product packages

• Advertisement Creative for TV, Print and Social media

• BTL activities

       o In-shop and shop front promotion

       o Direct-to-consumer promotions

       o Product Sampling

       o Merchandising: Point of Sale Materials (PoS), banners, pamphlets

       o Roadshows

       o Exhibitions and stalls

       o Promotional activities at malls, institutions etc


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